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My name is Joshua Case (I’m the taller one above…my good buddy, Rog, is the shorter one…and we are ‘unveiling’ the most spectacular Willett Distillery). During the day I’m a consultant with ThoughtFire, a business innovation consulting firm where our team works with corporations and non-profits both locally and across the globe to problem solve, innovate, create and implement creative action plans, and complete mergers and acquisitions. Most evenings I am whisk(e)y tippler and literary buff/author. I am working on a collection of short stories and a literary triology. You’ll find me most nights on my couch with a glass in one hand and a good book in the other or my laptop in front of me vigorously editing. I’m also the President of the Evansville Bourbon Society (EBS). We are a private club which hosts events with distillers and puts on tastings and big events all surrounding the theme: Whisk(e)y. You can find out more information about EBS by accessing the page on my site.

I created Tipple&Text (T&T) in 2015 to share my love of whisk(e)y and literature with the world. Since then, I have reviewed all kinds of whisk(e)y, books, restaurants, etc. with the goal of providing the world with information on the vast realm of whisk(e)y while simultaneously increasing their love for this wonderful spirit.

In February 2020, I launched Tipple&Text Consulting (T&Tc) in an effort to take my extensive knowledge of the world of whiskey and my connections to the industry to the next level. I am now offering various consulting packages which are targeted to bars and restaurants with bars who desire to take their bar to the next level. I am looking for owners who want to cater to high-end clients and whiskey connoisseurs. If this is you and your struggling to stock your bar with the right selections or you have the right selections but are struggling to position your bar in an attractive and affordable fashion for your consumers, then you’ve come to the right place. Head on over to the consulting tab on my site or click here and you can get started on making your bar the best whiskey bar in town.

I hope you enjoy! Feel free to send me any comments you might have or connect with me through my contact page. And, last, but not least… Cheers!

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