Statement of Ethics

The following are my ethical stances in relations to this website and my business, Tipple&Text:

  1. All posts and pages on this site are 100% my creation.
  2. Any opinions or statements in guest posts are 100% the creation of the guest writer. However, I have reviewed and approved all guest posts prior to release on the site.
  3. I try to include only factual information/content on this site. If I am notified or discover that incorrect or false information/content has been posted on my site I will take immediate measures to correct or delete said information/content.
  4. I do not accept nor do I use paid advertising. Any advertising which appears on this site is generated by WordPress.
  5. I will not accept payments for any reviews.
  6. I will accept review samples. If samples are accepted I will disclose this in the associated post/review.
  7. From time-to-time I will conduct sample trades with fellow enthusiasts. If I review said samples I will disclose this in the associated post/review.
  8. Comments are allowed and encouraged. Discourse is a great way to learn from fellow enthusiasts. However, I will not allow nor approve discriminatory, disparaging, xenophobic, homophobic, racist, or violent comments.
  9. All pages/posts/reviews/etc. on this site have been released under a creative commons license unless otherwise noted. You are free to use any content as long as it is not for commercial purposes and you give credit to this site. If you want to use any content on this site for commercial purposes please contact me using the contact page and we will discuss your request. A copy of the aforementioned license can be found here.