Life Beyond Bourbon

I’m back baby!

Kind of.

I am making no promises on future posts no matter how optimistic I’d like to be at the moment. It has been a year since my last post. I can’t believe that much time has passed since I typed away on my computer for fun, musing about bourbon and such. But, alas, it has been that long.

I have spent the past year in the weeds of work and life. Running a non-profit has taken an immense amount of time. Especially since I am running a non-profit who has transitioned a board of directors, turned the ship on funding priorities, moved office locations, formed new partnerships, and re-branded itself. And that’s just work. I won’t even get into life.

All excuses aside, I am cautiously optimistic I will be able to post at least once per week going forward. I need it. The outlet. Or I might lose my mind.

So, for those of you who are new and for those of you who have stuck around, you can look forward to some content on a more regular basis.

With that being said, even though I have been under the waves, I have not stopped my love for all that is tipples and texts. So, without further adieu, I bring you a glimpse into the past year here at T&T. I hope you enjoy and cannot wait to share more soon…