Messy Eats – Miami: Part 2

Wynwood 2

Stuffed with donuts and coffee, I wander the streets of Wynwood, taking in the endless wall murals from graffiti artists all over the world. This is an interesting place. The overwhelming graffiti art and dirty streets gives you a sense that something isn’t right. But, I think that’s because my equilibrium is off. I’m not use to this atmosphere. And, as I settle into it, I kind of like it.

Wynwood 8

I wander and take pictures as I go. The walls, the streets, and the signs are all adorned with words and images. I round a corner and am greeted with a giant painting of Darth Vader. The Star Wars fan in me is intrigued. “Why Vader?,” I ask myself. There has to be a deeper meaning. I scan the building and I see a sign which reads: J.Wakefield Brewing. “Yes! This is exactly what I need,” I think to myself as the hot sun beats down on me as I begin to sweat. A black and grey brick building which resembles an old car mechanics building stands before me. People hustle and bustle in front of me, moving kegs and barrels of beer. The parking lot is full of cars and bags-upon-bags of grain.

Wakefield 1

I walk in to a half-full bar, and take a seat. The walls are covered in scenes from Star Wars. I’m excited. I read through the beer list and order their hefeweizen: El Jefe. I am presented with a glass of cloudy orange beer. I take a sip and am greeted with banana, cloves, and coconut! That’s interesting. I look at the menu and realize this is on purpose. It’s an intentional marriage of Germany and South Florida. I love it. A refreshing taste on a hot day.

Beer 2

“I think I’ll have one more,” I tell myself. I scan the list. I want a good, fruity, citrus IPA. My favorite style for the summer. Steady Hoppin it is. New England style with Amarillo, Galaxy, and Mosaic hops. Should do the trick.

Beer 1

As soon as my glass hits the counter I’m welcomed with loads of fruit and citrus aromas. I can’t wait to imbibe. It’s fresh, floral, and bitter, lined with citrus and piney notes. For some reason it reminds me of summers at my grandparents house when I was a kid. Must be the florals. It’s good. It’ll get me good and ready to head back out into the South Florida sunshine. Just one more thing to do, take pictures of the Star Wars adorned walls. Cheers all!

Wakefield 2

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