Carl T. Indiana Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Review


I stood in a room with hundreds of people as hundreds more poured through the doors and into the building. Before long it became suffocating and there was no release valve. Everyone was there to get their hands on a bottle or two (if lucky) of rare whiskey. It was PappyFest 2015.

The bourbon craze is of the charts. It is almost too much for me to handle at this point. I like a good bit of the rare and hard to find whiskeys on the market but the hunt for them has become unbearable. You use to be able to pick-up whatever you wanted off the shelf. Those days are gone.

It was still okay when you could go to an annual raffle/auction and pick-up a bottle of something because there were only about 25-50 other people there. But, now that is also a thing of the past. This year I went to a drawing which was attended by well over 500 people. It was insane. 5 hours later my number was never drawn.

While I think I’m done chasing unicorns (I’ll stick to my age stated middle and bottom shelfers – while they last – R.I.P. 12 year Elijah Craig) at least I picked-up a few relatively easy to find bottles at a huge discount that day. The following is one of those purchased.

Carl T. Indiana Straight Bourbon Whiskey comes from the fine folks at Huber Winery and Starlight Distillery nestled in-between Borden and Starlight, Indiana. In the rolling hills of Southern Indiana they are cranking out fine wine and spirits. This is one of their newest spirits to hit the market and it is mighty tasty in my opinion. Let’s find out just how tasty in my review below…


Distiller: Starlight Distillery

Owner: Huber Winery & Vineyards

Age: 2 Years Old

ABV: 47.5%

Mash Bill: 58/27/15 (Corn/Rye/Barley)

Barrels: 53 gallon American White Oak (3 different cooperages/4 different barrel types)

Price: $35


Medium-dark honey with a tinge of amber.


Classic bourbon notes right away. Sweet corn, caramel, vanilla, and cinnamon jumped out at me. Underneath I picked up notes of stewed apples and a good bit of citrus (oranges). For only being 2 years old there are no hints of raw grains. However, all of the notes are a bit thin and muted.


Unlike the nose, the palate is spice forward. I get a good bit of cinnamon and nutmeg. I also pick up some hints of vanilla, caramel, and mint. Towards the mid-palate orchard fruits begin to appear. It drinks pretty hot for its proof level which I am okay with because it is a warm and pleasant burn. Again, the tasting notes are still a bit thin.


Medium. Caramel, vanilla, and orchard fruits linger to the end.


In my honest opinion, the value on this is great when you compare it to other craft whiskeys. The bottom-line for pricing on craft whiskeys is usually around $50. With this one clocking in $15 cheaper and having a decently developed and matured profile I consider this a buy all day. That is if you can find it. Distribution is not far out of the region of Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois.


I like this whiskey. It is one of my favorite craft whiskeys. I will definitely be backfilling it. It is fairly mature for its age and it is priced well. My biggest knock on it is the tasting notes are all a bit thin. Cheers!


87/100 (A Solid Tipple)



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