RallyPoint Maple Sunset Rye Whiskey – Review

StilL 630 - 13

Sunsets are cheesy, riddled with clichés, and downright worn-out literary tools for expressing emotion. Still, I love sunsets. We all do. The beautiful display of oranges and reds spread across the sky is simply captivating. You’ll have to forgive me for adding to the crowded mess of published sunset love and accept the fact that it’s about to get worse. My love for sunsets has now transitioned into the realm of whiskey. I’m specifically referring to StilL 630‘s RallyPoint Maple Sunset Rye Whiskey. You can find out more about StilL 630 and their other products by checking out my previous post. For now, let’s see if this whiskey is anything as wondrous as a sunset.


StilL 630 - 14

Distiller: StilL 630

Owner: StilL 630

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Age: NAS [Right around 2 years old. Started as their regular RallyPoint and then was finished in an ex-bourbon (Four Roses), ex-maple syrup barrel (The Wine & Cheese Place)]

ABV: 45%

Batch: 2

Bottle: 87

Mashbill: 90/10 (Rye/Barley)

Awards: Batch #1 won Gold at the 2015 ACSA Spirits Judging Awards

Price: $45


Medium copper. Slight tinge of amber.


Heavy on the rye grains (still somewhat rye from the young age) and spices including cloves and allspice. The green apple licorice flavor shows up here just as it did in the Big Jake. There is also some influence from the oak with the scent of charred oak and a slight bit of vanilla and caramel. Interestingly enough I don’t get any maple notes on the nose.


The taste is smooth albeit a little thin. It is dominated by the same rye spices as the nose. I also get white pepper and dry oak. As it develops the maple makes an appearance along with caramel and vanilla. A slight pleasant burn.


Medium. Dry oak. Rye grains (still a little raw). White pepper. A nice fade of maple, caramel, and vanilla.


At $45 for a 750ml bottle this product comes in at a really good price for a young craft whiskey. In a field of $50-70 offerings this one dominates in the value category. While it would be hard-pressed to compete at this age, proof, and taste points with some of the big boys, I’d keep a bottle of this on my bar every day of the week. I’m glad I also have a bottle in the cellar.


I really, really, really like this dram! While it is young (those raw grain notes) and I’d love to have it around 100 proof (it would push it into the 90s), it’s pretty well balanced, extremely tasty, and something I will go to on a regular basis. I highly recommend this product. However, you’re going to need to get to St. Louis soon because this one is almost gone and when its gone it won’t be coming back. Cheers!


87/100 (A Solid Tipple)

StilL 630 - 15


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