Big Jake White Dog Whiskey – Review

StilL 630 - 10

It was over 20 years ago. But, I vividly remember the day I got my first dog. It was a cold winter’s evening. The ground was blanketed in snow, as is often the case in Michigan. My family pulled our 90’s Chevy Astro into a stranger’s driveway. The anticipation was overflowing. As the van rolled to a stop I threw open the creaky sliding door and ran up alongside my parents as we made our way to the front door. My dad rang the doorbell. We waited. I was shaking. It was freezing and I was giddy.

The door opened and we were greeted by a kind-looking, yet burly man. He welcomed us into his home. It was bright and warm. “Where are the puppies?” I remember saying. “Right this way,” the man said as he walked us to the back of the house.

In a large open room with a laminated floor there they were: over a dozen puppies. “I want that one!” I screamed. “No, I want that one!” my sister shouted back. “We’re getting that one,” my dad said without hesitation as he pointed to a little rascal of a pooch climbing over all the other puppies to get to the evening feeding. She was dominate. She was aggressive. She was perfect. We took her home that day and we named her Patches.

Patches was my first dog. She was amazing, kind, and loved to play. She hunted with the best of them. She lived a long, hapy life, and died when she was old. But, she remains forever in my heart.

Mankind has developed a devout kinship with our canine companions. Dogs have served as aids in the service of war machines and have warmed the feet of those young and old. So, it came as no surprise to me that one such dog would serve as the namesake of a whiskey. The dog I reference is none other than Big Jake. Big Jake is David Weglarz’s dog and StilL 630’s mascot. The distillery’s un-aged whiskey is named after him: Big Jake White Dog Whiskey.

You can find out more about David, Big Jake, and StilL 630 by visiting their website and checking out my review of their distillery. For now let’s see if this tipple is worthy of the title: Man’s Best Friend.

StilL 630 - 11


Distiller: StilL 630

Owner: StilL 630

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Age: N/A

ABV: 45%

Batch: 4

Bottle: 245

Mashbill: 90/10 (Rye/Barley)

Price: $25


Unfiltered spring water. There is a little haze which indicates to me it’s likely not chill-filtered, which is nice because this means all the wonderful and tasty fatty acids, proteins, and esters are still floating around inside the bottle. Yum!


Green apple licorice (you will see this come up again in my review of their other products). I’m curious if this note is produced by the yeast. A lot of individual character is considered to be produced by distinct yeast strains. Raw grains and cereal notes quickly follow. It smells like a fresh harvested field in Autumn. It’s like walking through a cloud of dust after the combine has rolled past. There is a slight nose tingle and a little astringency.


The taste is dominated by those raw grain notes. I also get a slight malted barley note. It’s quite dry and very soft. There is only the slightest burn on the palate. On the corners of my tongue I get some strong hits of white pepper. I really like this note.


Short leaning almost into the medium range. Dry. Still dominated by those raw grain notes.


At $25 for a 750ml bottle this product comes in at a decent price for a white dog whiskey. If I was a fan of un-aged spirits I would grab this bottle off the shelf every time. Unfortunately, I’m not. So, while mostly pleasant, this will likely be my only purchase of this product.


I’m just not a fan of un-aged spirits. There is nothing overtly offensive about this product. Its slight astringency threatens to offend my senses but doesn’t quite get there. While I wouldn’t drink this one neat it did make for an interesting and quite tasty Manhattan. If you like moonshine, white dog, vodka, gin, or anything un-aged then I’d recommend giving it a try. On a side note, the artwork on the bottle (all of their bottles for that matter) is fantastic! Cheers!


70/100 (An Okay Tipple)

StilL 630 - 12


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