Whisk(e)y Is For Drinking – Why I Buy A Bunch Of Pretty Little Things

Manifesto 1

When I set out on this venture, the goal in my mind’s eye was to create a blog where I could share about my love for whiskey and literature. As with most things in life, goals are often created out of blind ambition and once one embarks on his or her journey, one realizes the road is not so easily traveled. This has led to more whiskey ramblings while the mutterings on all things literary have been trapped in the hazards along the way. All that is to say (in a somewhat verbose fashion), I have been doing more drinking than reading over the last year. Not that I am complaining about it.

Well, things are starting to slow down (don’t let anyone know I said that…I didn’t just say that…because the last time I said that one of my co-workers quit the next day and I had to step in and do her job and mine) and I’m slowly getting the time and ambition to open up the pages of a few books I have had on my list to read.

While I still love to buy books, when I moved to Southern Indiana I decided to finally get a library card. So, a few weeks ago I headed over to the library and picked up a few books from my list (if there any good you will see reviews here in the near future) and as I often do when I ‘shop’ for anything (books, bourbon, my wardrobe) I took a good bit of time to meander through the shelves in the business section (on of my favorite sections).

As I looked up and down, making mental notes of a few new things to add to my list, I was struck by this tiny book with orange binding. It was a ‘NeverEnding Story’ kind of moment. Something inside me willed me to reach up and grab it off the shelf. I know it wasn’t whiskey because I hadn’t had a sip all day. Yet.

As I turned the cover over I was greeted by the title: A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy. I should have been turned-off by the subject material right away. This was clearly the musings of someone espousing the female gender and was sure to be loaded with slapstick commentary on the wonders of shopping (it was). But, for some odd reason, I was awestruck.

I think my infatuation was initially inspired by the orange cover. I really like the color orange. Then, as I thought about it, the reason why the book was still in my hand (as I was walking to the counter to check it out) was because, as a whiskey lover, I tend to buy a ‘bunch of pretty little things.’ So much so that my wife had to cool me down earlier this year and sternly command me to “start drinking what is in my whiskey closet before I buy any more bottles of booze (that might be a slight misquote but you get the point).” I’ve done my best to follow here command (advice) but as most whisk(e)y lovers do, I’ve failed a few times. The darn liquor stores have such pretty sounding siren calls.

So, I checked the book out and spent the afternoon flipping through the pages hoping to learn something about tempering my bourbon craze. So, what did I learn?

A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy by Sarah Lazarovic – Book Review

This is a good book. Ms. Lazarovic spins the tale of her journey through the world of consumerism. From her childhood filled with want, want, want, to her college years filled with cheap, cheap, cheap, to her current days filled with less, less, less, she does a simple yet entertaining (and sometimes hilarious) job of telling the familiar tale of navigating through our consumerist world.

While she tells her tale from the female perspective, filled with dresses and shoes, it is easy, as a man, to pull out the big themes and hard-hitting criticism and apply them to my story. And, she wraps up the book by leaving the reader with some practical applications to getting by in this world with less and yet better.

Ultimately, while she tells a good story the moral is a little too familiar to the reader to allow this book to reach a lofty echelon.  While I appreciate and strive to “purchase what lasts” I was left wanting a little more out of the book.

Still, the following pictures did percolate some deep thoughts about tempering my bourbon passion (at least a little) while still indulging in my “tools of creativity” and I did enjoy the read…

Manifesto 4

Looking back, in the infancy of my craze, I bought without recollection of what I was buying. My cabinet could have been filled with a bunch of vodka (God forbid!) for all I really knew. The goal of obtaining a bunch of whiskey risked me missing out on appreciating and enjoying the whiskey I already owned. Time to pour another dram!

Manifesto 5

Bourbon is a useful thing. I have a lot more than one useful thing.

Manifesto 2

When I spend less time shopping for whiskey, less time looking for the ‘Pappy’s’ of the world, I have more time to drink whiskey…and write about whiskey…and drink whiskey.

Manifesto 3

The secondary whiskey market is vulgar! Orphan Barrel Whiskies are vulgar too!


87/100 (A Good Text)



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