Old Grand-Dad BIB – Review


Old Grand-Dad is a classic line of “bottom-shelf” bourbons from Jim Beam Distillery in Kentucky. They have a top shelf version in Basil Hayden. However, it is one of my least favorite bourbons mostly because while it has some decent age (use to be 8 years old, now my guess would be around 6) it has a very low proof (80). They also have 80 proof, 100 proof (reviewed here), and 114 proof versions.

The name is in homage to Basil Hayden’s grandfather and since repeating what has already been written is mostly a waste of time and also unfair to those who put so much effort into researching the topic you can find out more about the history of this fine tipple over on Chuck Cowdery’s blog.

The dram we have before us is the second BIB to be reviewed this month (the first can be found here).  Bottled-in-Bond bourbons are great because you know what you are purchasing. It is a product distilled during one season by one distillery which is then aged in a bonded warehouse for at least 4 years and then bottled at 100 proof. Plus, they usually are some pretty darn tasty tipples. Let’s see if this one is delicious as well.


Distiller: Jim Beam

Owner: Beam Suntory

Age: NAS (We know it is at least 4 years old)

ABV: 50%

Mashbill: 63/27/10 (Corn/Rye/Barley)

Price: $20


Orange. Light copper.


Very little burn despite the proof. This one has a great nose. It starts out with a floral/vegetal scent. It reminds me of Four Roses’ F and Q yeast bourbons. It is quickly followed by caramel, toffee, and butterscotch. As it develops and opens up I get some vanilla and citrus. Towards the end I get some corn, rye spice, oak, and a very little bit of barrel char.


The palate is note as dynamic as the nose but it is still really nice. I get caramel, rye spice, and vanilla.


The finish is long. It is a continuation of the caramel, rye spice, and vanilla notes from the taste.


The value is great. This is more dynamic and tastes better than the VOB BIB. While it costs a little more it is well worth it. It also makes a wicked cocktail. This is a staple on my bar.


I really like this bourbon. It is relatively available, well priced, and very tasty. I would highly recommend it. It really only loses points in complexity and uniqueness. Buy yourself a bottle. TIP: I did a 50/50 mix of this and the VOB BIB and it was delicious. I would dare to say better than the individual parts. Worth a try.


88/100 (A Solid Tipple)



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