1000 Stories Bourbon Barrel Aged Zinfandel – Review

1000 Stories 1

While I love wine I don’t usually do wine reviews on my blog. But, in honor of National Bourbon Heritage Month I’m going to share my thoughts on this lovely Zinfandel with you.

1000 Stories Bourbon Barrel Aged Zinfandel is a fairly new product. The first batch was released in late 2014. It has now finally made its way to the Midwest. When I saw it at my local liquor store I had to pick up a bottle.

Winemakers, Charlie and Bob, had a great idea: age their wine in bourbon barrels. First, they took Zinfandel Grapes from the Mendocino Vinyards in California. Then, once created, they aged their wine in new, American Oak barrels. Finally, they aged it a little bit longer in ex-bourbon barrels from Heaven Hill and Four Roses Distilleries.

They also have a great story about how they are helping with wildlife conservation which can be found on their website. But, what I want to really know is how does it taste? Its time to find out.


Vinyard: Mendocino

ABV: 15.2%

Grapes: 85/13/2 (Zinfandel/Petite Sirah/Syrah)


The eye is a super dark purple. Its almost black.


It has a beautiful nose. Its the perfect marriage of wine and bourbon. There are spicy grapes and sweet caramel and vanilla intermingled throughout.


The taste is smooth. Loads of semi-dry grapes married together with caramel notes.


The finish is short and semi-sweet.


$18 is not a bad price for a quality wine. Its right in my wheelhouse. You’ll have to decide for yourself if its in yours.


Its evident throughout that this wine was aged in some fantastic bourbon barrels. This is a great wine. I could pour myself a glass every evening. If you can find it I recommend picking up a bottle or two.


92/100 (An Excellent Tipple)

1000 Stories 2


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