Bourbon Heaven


Every once and a while you get the chance to participate in something fun and something delicious and something rare. Last week was my every once in a while.

I mentioned in a previous post about how I moved recently and have been struggling to fit in until I found a local bourbon club. Well, as they say sometimes, “good things come in waves.”

I have now joined the Evansville Bourbon Society Board (well I don’t join officially until November). And, last week I got to attend my first board meeting. The current President of the society, Michael, was not wrong when he told me it would be the “best board meeting I would ever attend.”

While we got a good bit of business done, we also got a good bit of drinking done. I am glad it lasted quite a few hours because as you can see below, there were a lot of tipples to be had and I had a lot. I am really glad I found this club because I think I have found home.



All thanks to Nathan Hillyard for sharing his private stash. Its not everyday you get to try this many tipples without opening your wallet. If you live in or near Evansville and you are interested in the Evansville Bourbon Society please contact me. Tipple on my friends!



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