Rittenhouse Rye – Review


Heaven Hill produces some mighty fine every day whiskeys: Larceny (wheated bourbon), Elijah Craig (high-rye bourbon), Bernheim (wheat whiskey), and Rittenhouse (rye whiskey). None of them are overly complex. But, all of them have well-balanced flavors which lend to easy drinking and with the Rittenhouse, easy mixing.

Rittenhouse makes a mighty fine cocktail. From a Sazerac to an Old Fashioned, a Manhattan to a Whiskey Sour, this tipple is versatile.

But, how does it drink straight? What is its flavor profile? Let’s find out!


Distiller: Heaven Hill

Age: NAS (Around 4 years old according to the distillery)

ABV: 50% (BIB)

Mashbill: 51/37/12 (Rye/Corn/Barley)

Price: $25


Burnt Copper


Sweet and Spicy. Rye forward with a caramel and vanilla backbone. I also get some cracked pepper and cloves. It’s a well-balanced nose. However, it’s not mind-blowing. But, I don’t expect that (it’s a $25 rye) so it doesn’t lose too many points in my mind for not being overly complex.


Rye. Honey. Caramel. Vanilla. Clove. Once again its well-balanced. However, still not complex.


Long. Rye, cinnamon, and honey on the front-end. This slowly fades to a medium-dry oak.


The price point on this is perfect. It’s not a tipple which makes you think and want to explore its depths. It’s a straight-forward, well-balanced, tasty dram at a price point where you are not afraid to burn through a bottle quickly by sharing it with friends, mixing it in cocktails, and sipping on it if you like it that way. You can always go back out and get another bottle without breaking the bank.


This is a solid tipple. It’s not great. I like to primarily sip whiskey and this one was so hot in the beginning and lacked the depth I like in sipping whiskeys so it was hard to enjoy it neat until the end of the bottle. That being said, it’s a perfect mixing whiskey with balance and flavor.


89/100 (A Solid Tipple)



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