Not Another Whiskey Review

BC 1

Sometimes you just have to drink whiskey. Correction. Most of the time you just have to drink whiskey.

Adam Diamond, over at bourbonmentioned in his latest post that he “digs breaks.” I agree with him that they are “good for the soul.”

So, even though I had ample time and ability to do quite a few reviews this past weekend, I left my whiskey reviewing self at home and joined some friends at their cabin on a lake in Brown County, Indiana.

We spent the weekend drinking, sitting, and kayaking. And, while I didn’t do a review of any whiskies I thought I would share some pictures of what you missed out on…

BC 6

Oh, you didn’t get the invitation? Sorry, it must have got lost in the mail. You know how disorganized that darn USPS can be. You’ll have to just look at the pictures and join us next time.

In all respects, I hope you had a nice weekend. I know I did.

BC 3

BC 4

BC 2

BC 5


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