My Top 15 Bourbons for Under $75

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I love reading whiskey blogs. But, I really love reading whiskey blogs while drinking whiskey. Thanks to Sku the world has an ever-expanding list of blogs to read at its finger tips here.

While purusing the list this week I stopped by one of my favorite sites, angelsportion. The good Reverend Christopher’s lastest blog was a list of his top 15 whiskies for under $75. All those on his list were Scotches. While I have tried some from the list, I am still a Scotch neophite. And, while I am trying more and more as the days pass I am nowhere close to being able to put together a list of my top 15 scotches in any price category.

However, I am very experienced in consuming bourbon. So, I figured I’d out a list together. My list contains mostly obtainable bourbons (I have refrained from including any Van Winkles or BTAC – Not like you can get any of them for under $75 anymore anyways). However, some may be harder to find depending on your market. So, without any further pomp or circumstance here is my top 15 bourbons under $75…

Number 15: Willett Pot Still Reserve (47% ABV)

Number 14: Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve (60% ABV)

Number 13: Four Roses Small Batch (45% ABV)

Number 12: Elijah Craig (47% ABV)

Number 11: Smooth Ambler Old Scout 7 YO (49.5% ABV)

Number 10: Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch (50% ABV)

Number 9: Stagg Jr. (Varying ABVs)

Number 8: Wild Turkey 101 (50.5% ABV)

Number 7: Wild Turkey Rare Breed (Varying ABVs)

Number 6: Weller 12 YO (45% ABV)

Number 5: Booker’s (Varying ABVs)

Number 4: Maker’s Mark Cask Strength (Varying ABVs)

Number 3: Four Roses Single Barrel (50% ABV)

Number 2: Blanton’s (46.5% ABV)

Number 1: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (Varying ABVs)

My top four are all neck-and-neck. And, I’m sure this will change a lot as time passes. But, there you have it. My top 15 bourbons for under $75. What are your favorite bourbons under $75?





6 thoughts on “My Top 15 Bourbons for Under $75

  1. Nice list. I have tried all but your Number 11: Smooth Ambler Old Scout 7 YO. I would like to suggest another that I have come across in the past year: Willett Johnny Drum 101 Special Reserve. It may be a bit hard to find in general, although most stores in the Bardstown area seem to be carrying this limited run bourbon.

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    • Thanks! Smooth Ambler is the only one on my list from outside of Kentucky. They are doing some amazing stuff in WV. They will be releasing their own juice for the first time this Fall.
      I will have to check out Johnny Drum. I had an option to taste it on the Willett tour a few months ago but chose a different option. I love what Willett does. Their new (self-produced) ryes are great! Thanks for reading. Tipple on!


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  3. Nice list, thanks for putting it out. I’m still somewhat new to whiskey but have tried several on your list but now will need to try the rest soon. Have you tried Henry McKenna Single Barrel? If so i would love to see what you though of it. It’s one of my favorites in the $30 price range.

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    • Thanks for the view and welcome to the world of whiskey. Whiskey is a great dram! My biggest piece of advice is don’t get caught up in the hype of rare releases. If you find one great, buy it, try it. But, don’t fret over it and don’t pay secondary market prices. There are great whiskies in cheap or realitively cheap price ranges which can easily be found. I have not tried Henry McKenna yet. It is on my list to try at some point. I will surely write a review when I get to it. Thanks again! Cheers!


    • Steve, I just picked up a bottle of McKenna a few weeks ago. I cracked it open the other day. I’ve had a few pours and am loving it so far. Very unique. Really earthy. I’ll have a review up in the next month or so. Cheers!


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