My New Kentucky Home – Final Part

Well, my friends, the finish line is approaching fast. As all good things do, a great weekend of trekking through Kentucky must come to an end. And, there is no better place to draw to a close than the Kentucky Bourbon House. Smack dab in the midde of Bardstown, Kentucky you will find this fine, old establishment nestled in the Chapeze Mansion. Run by Colonel Michael Masters and his beloved wife, Maraget Sue, you cannot go wrong with dinner and drinks in their beautiful “Kentucky Home of Bourbon.”



Kentucky 30

We pulled-up to the front of the mansion around 6:30, stepped out into the warm summer air, and made our way the short distance to the front door. As we entered, the Colonel was finishing up a tasting session at the bar in the back of the establishment. As he finished giving his pointers to the two young men sitting at the bar, we made our way back.

The Colonel greeted us with his infectious smile and welcomed us in. It is a snug little bar with not room for more than a handful of people. We nestled in and looked at the menu and starred at the bottles lining the walls. They offer beer, mixed drinks, pours, and tastings. I am always partial to a tasting. It gives me a good chance to try some new things. I perused through the line-up for the evening and settled on the rye whiskey tasting. I have recently gained interest in ryes and thought it would be a good opportunity to expand my horizons. The rest of the group chose the Colonel’s famous mint julep. I had a sip of my wife’s and have to say it is worth a go if you enjoy mint juleps. I am not a big fan but it was the best one I had ever had.

We took our drinks and walked out to the front porch. Depending on the evening you will either be invited to the small front porch or the more expansive back patio. Since this evening it was just the four of us coming to dinner, we settled down on the front porch. The Colonel sat down with us and Margaret Sue brought us some pimento cheese and crackers to keep us held over until dinner. We talked together about life as the sun set below the horizon and we imbibed on some good ‘ole Kentucky hooch. I walked my way through my tasting as I listened to the Colonel spin tall tales and crack jokes.

The line-up was as follows: Russel’s Reserve Rye, Bulleit Rye, Knob Creek Rye, Woodford Reserve Rye, and because he was out of any other rye offerings, I finished up with a pour of the Buffalo Trace Experimental Oat Whiskey. As I worked my way through it became apparent that my new love for rye was real, was going to last for a while, and that my favorite rye of the evening was Russel’s Reserve Rye. However, my favorite drink of the evening was the BT Oat Whiskey. Hands down the most unique whiskey I have had in a long time (if not ever). Now, would I buy a bottle (if it weren’t nearly impossible at this point)? Probably not. But, it was an interesting dram and a great way to cap off the weekend of tipples.

After a good bit of drinking and chatting it was time for dinner. So, we took the remainder of our drinks inside and sat down at two round tables in the main dining room. Margaret Sue, a masterful cook, brought us our meal one course at a time. We started off with a delicious salad, worked our way to the main course of barbeque pork chops, corn-on-the-cobb, smashed potatoes, green beens, and skillet cornbread, and finished up with a dessert of bourbon-soaked strawberries over cheesecake. Yum! Yum! And, Yum Again!

As we finished-up dinner, we told a few more stories about the ghosts which haunt the mansion, a bit of history, and life in general with both the Colonel and Margaret Sue. It felt like coming over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I didn’t want the food or stories to end and I especially didn’t want to leave. But, as we wrapped-up and said our goodbyes, shaking hands and giving hugs, we walked out the door.

I would highly encourage you to spend and evening with Colonel Masters and Margaret Sue. But, do it soon! They are trying to sell the whole place becuase it is getting to be too much work. And, if they don’t sell they are going to turn it into a bed and breakfast. So, time is limited to have drinks and dinner with this lovely couple. Act fast. You can find our more and make reservations by visiting there webpage here.


What a lovely weekend. It is something I look forward to doing again next year. If you get a chance to tour Kentucky, as I hope you do, I encourage you to check out the Deatsville Inn, Willett Distillery, Four Roses, and The Kentucky Bourbon House. You will be sure to have a great time. Thanks for joining. Until next time, tipple on my friends!


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