Journeyman Distillery: Side-by-Side Review


One of my first posts was about how I infused some bourbon with bacon. I indicated at that time I would do a side-by-side review with the original bourbon at a later date. Well, that date has come. It is time to review Journeyman Distillery’s Featherbone Bourbon Whiskey and Journeyman Distillery’s Featherbone Bourbon Whiskey infused with bacon.

Journeyman is a distillery out of Three Oaks, Michigan. I believe they are becoming a leader in the craft distillery realm. Plus, their products are certified organic so the hipsters can get on-board and making it even more difficult to find “good” whiskey.

The most interesting piece of information about Journeyman is the history behind their location. In the day of having every new whiskey to hit the shelves be backed by some fake hype, it is nice to see a product with an actually legitimately interesting history. This specific product is named after the factory in which the distillery is located. It used to be owned by a man who produced corsets with the same name. This man was a staunch prohibitionist. So, the fact that liquor is now produced on-site is a nice little historical slap in the face to the failed experiment called prohibition (FEW spirits is another great story).

But, at the end of the day the most important story is in regards to how this tipple actually tastes. Come to find out, 24 hours of bacon infusion alters the taste of a bourbon quite a bit. Let’s see how.


Distillery: Journeyman Distillery

Age: NAS (less than 2 years old)

ABV: 45%

Bottling: Batch 15, Bottle 23

Price: $45


Burnt carmel


This is a corn-forward whiskey. You also get notes of carmel and granny smith apples. It is unique.


Granny smith apples dominate the palate. Too much so in my opinion. Some might really like this taste. It is a little too overpowering and unbalanced for my taste. However, there are some subtle hints of vanilla and carmel which were more present on the nose.


Medium. Some smooth and sweet tobacco notes. It is closed out by apple crisp.


It is not bad. It is not great. It is unique. The nose is the best part. I was a little let down by how much the granny smith apple notes dominated the palate. If this is your thing then you will love this tipple. It it is not, then I would recommend passing on a bottle and trying a pour.


80/100 (A Solid Tipple – On The Low End)


Distillery: Journeyman Distillery

Age: NAS (less than 2 years old)

ABV: <45% (Affected some by the infusion)

Bottling: Batch 15, Bottle 23

Price: $45 + The cost of bacon fat

Special Note: Infused with bacon fat for 24 hours


A slightly lighter and cloudier burnt carmel


Carmel and vanilla forward. Fresh baked donuts. A little apple in the background. Much smoother than the original.


Carmel and vanilla again. Very doughy. Smoke and pepper. A little apple again in the background.


Medium. Smooth and creamy. I was left with the taste of a carmel apple fritter.


Surprisingly, this is much more balanced than the original. It is smooth and creamy. It puts the apples in the background and without losing them allows the classic bourbon notes of carmel, vanilla, and a bake shop to shine through.

84/100 (A Solid Tipple)

This was a fun experiment and I think I will try some other types of infusions in the future. Please leave a comment on what type, if any, infusions you have tried.


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