Michter’s Single Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey – Review

is a whiskey producer I have been curious about for a while. A lot of people really like it and yet a lot of people have also pointed out how controversial they are at times. It doesn’t take long to realize, just look at their bottles, they are completely okay with contributing to the hype and folklore which so often now accompanies a simple bottle of whiskey. They claim to be the first distillery in America, tracing their roots back to 1753. However, this new company isn’t even remotely like the Michter’s which produced A.H. Hirsch back in the day and was shuttered in 1990. This distillery has taken the name. Check. But, in fact, it is not even a distillery. Uncheck. It is a non-distiller producer (NDP). Which is fine and dandy in my opinion. There are many good NDPs out there (Smooth Ambler and High West just to name two). The fact that they have taken the historic name and claim to be the historic distillery is what has given them flack over the past few years. I understand but honestly I just want to know if what is inside the bottle is worth the price tag and worth my time. And, I say it is.


Distiller: Undisclosed

Owner: Chatham Imports

Age: NAS

ABV: 42.4%

Bottling: Barrel Number 14/604

Price: $45


Light orangey copper.


Rye bread followed by orange zest and mint. There is a hint of leather and oak hiding in the background. More spice than sweet which is to be expected. It has a solid nose.


Rye spice. Some clove, ginger, and a little cinnamon. The orange and mint are still there. This has a great balance of spice and sweet. It is a very smooth pour.


Medium-long. Sweet and spicy and then ending dry.


This is a solid rye. It is by no means really complex or interesting. However, it is a good everyday rye and makes for a nice cocktail.


85/100 (A Solid Tipple)


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