Founders Devil Dancer – Review

Devil Dancer

Let’s keep this Founders train rolling. This is one of my favorites from Founders. The Devil Dancer Triple IPA. This is from their limited series and is usually released annually around June. It is a massive beer (112 IBUs) with a lot of character (dry-hopped with 10 different types of hops). This one has been cellared since June 2014. And, for more on that let’s get to the review.


Brewery: Founders Brewing Co.

Style: IPA (Triple)

Bottling: 2014

ABV: 12%

IBU: 112

Price: $15.95 (4 Pack)


Burnt carmel with a slightly dark red hue. Very little head.


Strong malt. Lots of fruit sugars.


Very well-balanced. The hop-to-malt ratio is perfect. Not too bitter and not too sweet. The hop notes wrap around the dried dark fruit characteristics. Very little carbonation. Heavy syrup and viscosity on the feel.


Fades slowly. A nice smooth finish.


As a limited release and a Founders product, I really like this beer, wait for this beer, and wish I could have more of this beer. It is one of the best ‘Triple IPAs’ I have had to date. While it is not my favorite IPA in their line-up (that title goes to Double Trouble, followed closely by Centennial) it is a solid addition and one I wait for with anticipation.


88/100 (A Good Tipple)


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