Founders Blushing Monk – Review

Blushing Monk

I have been a huge Founders fan for years. I grew up in Michigan so it was essentially the hometown brewery even though I grew up on the other side of the State. I have and continue to claim it as one of the best breweries in the USA. In my opinion, for my taste, it is the best (Dogfish Head follows along in a close second).

So, when I heard Founders was releasing Blushing Monk again this year, I kept my eyes peeled for a bottle. It is one of their rare releases and comes out once every four years. I am not usually one for fruity beers (they are my wife’s favorite – she hates beer). But, I like trying new and rare beers by any brewery, let alone my favorite, so I decided to give it a whirl when I found a bottle at the local grocery store. So, how did it taste?


Brewery: Founders Brewing Co.

Bottling: 2015

ABV: 9.2%

Price: $9.95


Ruby Red. A dark cranberry juice. Almost pomegranate juice. Medium-tall head.


A fruit vineyard. Cherries and raspberries. A slight maltiness – kinda like Mike’s Hard Raspberry Lemonade.


A fruit bomb. Lots of red berries (raspberries, cherries). Very sweet. Almost like fruit juice. Not as sour as I expected. Very little carbonation. A very subtle Belgian Ale maltiness in the background. Some herbal notes. A better balance of sweet, sour, and malt would have made this a killer beer.


Semi-dry. Very fruity.


As a limited release and a Founders product, I expected more balance with this beer. I am underwhelmed by it. Their seasonal Rubaeus is much more balanced. If you like fruit beers check that one out later this summer. For me, this beer is a mixer. It would go great mixed with a chocolate stout. My enjoyment rating for Founders Blushing Monk is fairly low.


75/100 (Okay Tipple)


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